I am not certain why yet I am dependably entranced by Shauna, at whatever point I see pictures or cuts of her. I suppose she has an extraordinary taste for style. Also I am not discussing her ordinary clear stripper heels, she simply knows how to assemble distinctive bits of dress to make her resemble a dream young lady. She may dress as a prostitute, yet she strolls, talks and acts as a woman at whatever point she’s encompassed by paparazzi photographic artists.

Shauna Sand was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for May 1996. In the event that my figurings are right that issue was on the newsstands initially of April 1996, at the closure of that month she got hitched to the Tv star Lorenzo Lamas.

Not certain why, however gold digger rings a bell when perusing stories about Shauna and Lorenzo. Here’s a definition I discovered on the web. Assuming that you anticipate that your accomplice will be a supplier, they might have exceptional desires of you, as well. For instance, they might wish for you to raise their kids (twofold check), gaze alluring toward all times (check), go to numerous social occasions (check), or be meek to their wishes (check). Also after I saw the sex tape yesterday, Milf is an alternate word that one could effectively connect with Shauna.

Shauna and Lorenzo were wedded for sex years and have three girls together. Since she’s mother of three she’s been called different varieties of names on tattle destinations for making this sex tape in place of being a part demonstrate for her children. I simply don’t get it, aren’t individuals permitted to have a fabulous time after they have children? I’ve seen numerous photographs of Shauna with her girls and they generally looked preferred they are having a great time and are extremely blissful when together.

It may sound credulous, yet in the wake of viewing this tape, I don’t suppose it was Shauna’s proposition to ever discharge it. How it got its direction into Vivid’s hands would presumably make a fascinating story however. Provided that I’d need to wager on individual answerable for discharging the sex tape, I’d put my cash on her sweetheart, however the few is still together so there’s presumably more to it than meets the eye.

The video is about an hour and ten minutes and incorporates three diverse intimate moments. What I considered intriguing about the beginning couple of minutes of the film was that Shauna talks French. The excuse for why she’s conversant in French is since she has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Business Administration from The American University of Paris.

In the first simulated intercourse Shauna exhibits to her sweetheart how crotchless undies function. She puts them on, and the beau gives them a nearby review, while fingering her pussy in the then from behind. Since her beau is French (Pierre Woodman rings a bell) it likewise illustrates why he tries to slip a finger up her rear end at each chance he gets. This scene keep going for in the ballpark of 15 minutes throughout which we get to see them fuck in teacher and with Shauna on top.

After beau becomes weary of fucking Shauna, he takes one of Shauna’s sex toys (15 inch pink dildo) to finalize the occupation.

In the second simulated intercourse the few is having intercourse on a cowhide couch. Shauna is lying on her back and by the look all over, her sweetheart is fucking the living poop out of her. Throughout the entire ten minutes of fucking she resembles a deer got in the headlights.

In the last scene we see Shauna pouring dissolved dessert onto every part of herself and then blows him. For the grand finale…well you’ll just have to see for yourself..

You can watch the Shauna Sand sex tape right HERE.

>>> Source: Vivid