Well here it is, the Kim Kardashian sex tape! It is a 39 minute sex tape starring Kim Kardashian and then boyfriend, Ray-J. The full title of this sex tape is “Kim Kardashian, Superstar”. This sex tape does indeed prove that Kim Kardashian is a superstar – at getting pounded by a semi-famous rapper. It starts out with a little foreplay and some bad dialogue but then when they get down to business things really start to heat up.

Kim Kardashian owes her popularity today to this sex tape, no doubt. There has been some controversy as to exactly how this sex tape got leaked. One of the most popular rumors about this is that the sex tape was leaked by no other than Kim Kardashian’s mom, Kris Jenner!

Even though the quality of this sex tape is not perfect you kind of have to expect that from any sex tape. Love her or hate her Kim Kardashian’s sex tape is without a doubt the biggest celebrity sex tape in the history of sex tapes.

Ohh baby, I’m cuming!

You can watch the Kim Kardashian sex tape right HERE.

Source: Vivid